Monday, January 5, 2009


You came to a fork in the road and were forced to make a decision that would alter the path your life would take. Once decided there was no turning back. Which direction did you choose? How did it work out for you? Anonymously post your journey below by clicking on "comments". Then check back daily -- entries are usually posted within 24-48 hours.


Ann said...

I'm different from many other people facing a crossroads... I'm PLANNING mine. It's going to occur on October 18th 2010, my sixteenth birthday. I will not turn back.
I am going to tell everyone I know the truth. I'm a lesbian. I can't live a lie any longer; I refuse to continue making "he's hot" comments in order to stop gossip about me. I'm going to prove all those whispers true, in one fell swoop.
I have never felt better than I do now that I have a plan.

Anonymous said...

I am currently at a crossroads in my life and have yet to make a decision. I am married with two children and live a comfortable life with a husband that says he loves me. I have heard rumors that he has cheated but I can't get him to admit it so there is doubt in my mind.
But I myself, have cheated and the feeling for this other person is growing. Just last night I told this person how I felt and I think it caught him completely off guard.
The thought of leaving my husband scares me because I like the life I live, all the materialistic things.
If I leave my whole life will completely change. ???
-Female, 27

Anonymous said...

On February 18th, I decided to go out with a guy I actually liked in January, when I was dating someone else. When my ex dumped me, I chased after him...reluctantly though. My ex still had a hold on me.

But he refused to give me up without a fight.

So for a month and a half he took me out on dates, offering his carefree nature and fresh outlook in life as a bridge of healing. But there was my ex, pulling little strings to keep me interested in his charming self.

It seemed oh so hopeless for the brave soldier.

But then I finally kissed him on March 6th--his first kiss too. I saw nothing but white light when my eyes closed shut. I heard nothing but the sweet sounds of seagulls and crashing waves. The scent of fresh water crawled up my nose. The sunset offered just the right lighting. And when I opened up to take a look at him, my heart was pounding.

That kiss was the best I've ever had. Him, I wanted him and no one else--I wanted David more than anything.

I adore you David <3 I'm so glad that I chose you in the end. You make my life absolutely perfect... <3 <3 <3

-Female, 18

Anonymous said...

I had an affair and was planning to leave my husband for this man that I thought I loved. Before I could tell him, my husband found out. I had to choose, there and then, between the two.

I chose to stay with my husband and we got counselling and worked out our issues. Since that day I have never looked back. My husband is my best friend, my lover, my soul mate and my biggest fan.

I take a moment every single day to be grateful for the second chance he gave me, for his forgiveness, and for our wonderful love.

Anonymous said...

I chose to not tell the father of my child that I was pregnant. I did not call him the day he was born. My father was the one who informed him that he had a son 4 months after I gave birth. Since then he has been in our sons life and has been a great dad. I am so sorry that I chose the wrong road and made him miss the most important event in his life.